Joyner Library Room Reservation

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Small Study Rooms


Small study rooms can be reserved up to two weeks in advance, up to twice a day, for a maximum of three hours per reservation.

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Group Study Rooms


Group study rooms can be reserved for up to two weeks in advance and for a maximum of two hours a day. Groups take precedence over individuals.

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One Button Studio


The One Button Studio allows you to record high-quality videos, regardless of your experience level, by pressing a single button. Learn more

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Sensory Space

A space to support neurodivergent students and anyone seeking to develop and engage their senses, improve focus, or de-stress

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Alternative Study Rooms

With soothing lighting, ergonomic seating, and an ambiance designed to inspire, these rooms offer an oasis for focused learning.

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Family Room

Designed with families in mind, this room offers a unique space for children. Learn more

If you would like to request a room not listed, please email Charlotte Fitz Daniels, Events & Programs Coordinator, at or call 328-0287

Additional Study Room Locations: